Location (PC Cafe) Familiar Laboratory, Exarahn Badlands
Level Heroic
Familiar type Movement
Talent Power 350
Max level 30

Seal Stone Effect

All Stats min 4 ~ 8
All Stats max 15 ~ 19
PVP damage min 1%
PVP damage max 1%


Nightmare 1
Nightmare 2

What you need to tame this familiar

Taming Points 40

It can be sealed into item


Stat Lvl 1 Lvl 30
Health 1039 2714
Stamina 2175 5220
DPS 64 176
Defense 276 668
Altitude 0 0
Speed 8.2 8.2
Attack speed 2 2


Stat Lvl 1 Lvl 30
Health 1039 2714
Stamina 2175 5220
DPS 64 176
Defense 276 668
Altitude 800 800
Speed 10.0 10.0
Attack speed 2 2

Familiar skills

Image Title Description
Legendary Aura Legendary Aura Increases PvP attack
Mythic Resilience Mythic Resilience Mythical familiars can shrug off the environmental status effects of all regions
Dark Sprint Dark Sprint Increases movement speed by 20% for 20 seconds
Forefoot Slam Forefoot Slam Slams the enemy to the ground with the familiar's forefoot
Might of the Horns Might of the Horns Deals a powerful attack with Nightmare's horns
Equine Endurance Equine Endurance Increases stamina


Map Bloodmoon Lake
Source From Louiche's "Forgotten Familiars"
Description Nightmare is one of Elloras sacred guardians, created to bring balance to the world. Nightmare was believed to be lost until the return of Exarahn. However, many great minds are concerned by the stallions presence as the other creatures of Exarahn seem to have suffered from exposure to dangerously unstable magical energy. As a professional student of the ways of spacetime, here is my prognosis. Nightmare could be tamed, but only ny someone with common hunters gear lined with exarium ore to protect them from its magic. Though the price of this kind of armor is rising by the minute, I believe riding one of Elloras greatest creations would be well worth the price.
Avatar Location Nightmare - Riders of Icarus Location of Nightmare - Riders of Icarus

How to tame Nightmare

As is the case with all heroic familiars in the Exarahn Badlands to tame one all you need is to be able to lower its hp to 5-10% and tame it! Though having particular gear helps.