Location Exarahn Badlands
Level Elite
Familiar type Defense
Talent Power 250
Max level 40

Seal Stone Effect

Magical defense min 10 ~ 19
Magical defense max 47 ~ 56
PVP defense min 1%
PVP defense max 1%


Nivah 1
Nivah 2

What you need to tame this familiar

Image Title
Nivah Mark Nivah Mark
Taming Points 15

It can be sealed into item


Stat Lvl 1 Lvl 40
Health 825 4042
Stamina 870 2508
DPS 34 184
Defense 252 1042
Altitude 0 0
Speed 6.5 6.5
Attack speed 2 2


Stat Lvl 1 Lvl 40
Health 825 4042
Stamina 870 2508
DPS 34 184
Defense 252 1042
Altitude 580 580
Speed 9.0 9.0
Attack speed 2 2

Familiar skills

Image Title Description
Dignity of the Phoenix Dignity of the Phoenix Increases max health
Nivah's Power Nivah's Power Increases PvP and magic attack
Evil Resistance Evil Resistance The familiar is adapted to the evil forces of the Badlands


Map Broken Caldera
Source From Celicina's hunting journal
Description The volcano here reminds me of home, right down to the phoenixes. I've decided to call it the Broken Caldera. One of the birds in particular has caught my eye. She's small, but she's swift, and she's got the endurance of a bird three times her size. An Arcanum scholar told me that her name is Nivah, and the Exarahnians revered her both for her strength and her magic. Of course, now I want to tame her. No luck so far, but I think I've got a lead. The pirates down by the shore have been stalking Nivah, too. I think they're close to figuring out her mark. Their master defenders have the key, I'm sure of it. I'd fight them for the mark myself, but I'm a hunter, not a warrior...
Avatar Location Nivah - Riders of Icarus Location of Nivah - Riders of Icarus

How to tame Nivah

To tame Nivah you will need Nivah's Mark which you can get either by completing quest Surviving Crimsonreach or by killing pirates by the shore, they have a small chance of droping mark too, here is the list of those mobs(names could be different in your client as this was auto-translated from japanese:
Ancient sniper - 40lvl
Ancient Soldier - 40lvl
Ancient night - 42lvl
The indomitable Tonitlus - 42lvl
Weil of abyss - 43lvl
Thuntolus of Thunder - 43lvl
Flame of Raird - 43lvl
Pirate trainer - 37lvl
The indomitable Raird - 42lvl
Renait fencer - 41lvl
Vigiled indomitable - 42lvl