Sainted Festive Reindeer

Sainted Festive Reindeer


Level Legendary
Familiar type Healing
Talent Power 400
Max level 50

Seal Stone Effect

Health min 240 ~ 301
Health max 289 ~ 350
All Stats min 12 ~ 16
All Stats max 18 ~ 22
All critical damage min 87 ~ 112
All critical damage max 130 ~ 155


Sainted Festive Reindeer 1
Sainted Festive Reindeer 2

What you need to tame this familiar

Taming Points 60


Stat Lvl 1 Lvl 50
Health 6510 19334
Stamina 2610 8784
DPS 67 189
Defense 411 1073
Speed 8.0 8.0
Attack speed 2 2

Familiar skills

Image Title Description
Festive Reindeer's Fortune Festive Reindeer's Fortune Good fortune smiles upon you, invigorating your spirit
Blessing of the Saintly Antlers Blessing of the Saintly Antlers The reindeer's blessing restores you
Legendary Aura Legendary Aura Only legendary familiars can use this skill
Provides resistance against all regional climate effects

How to tame Sainted Festive Reindeer

First of all this is an event mount that can be tamed only between 21 december and 12 january(2016). If you fail in taming him 10 times you will get this mount as a reward. You will need Sainted Festive Reindeer Mark and 60 tame points to give taming this legendary mount a try. To get mark all you need to do is complete daily quest in the Victory Plaza(center of Hakain's Crossing) from NPC - Gleeful Snowman, quest itself is basically talking to this NPC.