Indigo Bloodwyrm

Indigo Bloodwyrm


Location Parna's Coast
Level Elite
Familiar type Offense
Talent Power 130
Max level 35

Seal Stone Effect

Magic Attack min 6 ~ 11
Magic Attack max 82 ~ 87
Magic Critical Rate min 1%
Magic Critical Rate max 2,94%


Indigo Bloodwyrm 1
Indigo Bloodwyrm 2

What you need to tame this familiar

Image Title
Blue Bloodwyrm Blue Bloodwyrm
Taming Points 15


Stat Lvl 1 Lvl 35
Health 577 2541
Stamina 754 1991
DPS 72 353
Defense 129 483
Altitude 0 0
Speed 6.5 6.5
Attack speed 2 2


Stat Lvl 1 Lvl 35
Health 577 2541
Stamina 754 1991
DPS 72 353
Defense 129 483
Altitude 450 450
Speed 9.0 9.0
Attack speed 2 2

Familiar skills

Image Title Description
Bitter Cold Resistance Bitter Cold Resistance Resists the bitter cold of the later regions of Parna's Coast
Black Lightning Black Lightning Shoots a sphere of black lightning at the enemy
Draconic Knowledge Draconic Knowledge Increases magic critical damage
Feral Magic Feral Magic Increases magic attack


Map Blasphemer's Swamp
Source From Darcy's "Frozen and Fierce"
Description Khtern is a traitor among his kind. Kaelgaireons alliance favored strength, while Aldebaans valued magic. Unable to reconcile, the two sides feuded for centuries. Over time, Kaelgaireon did come to respect the magic of the gold, silver, and white dragons. But Khtern was obsessed. htern left Kaelgaireons service and joined the white dragons under Tarenosia. That betrayal branded him a traitor forevermore. Following Aldebaans death, his alliance collapsed and Khtern was driven away to Parnas Coast. Many adventurers seek to tame him there, using his special seal stone.
Avatar Location Indigo Bloodwyrm - Riders of Icarus Location of Indigo Bloodwyrm - Riders of Icarus

How to tame Indigo Bloodwyrm

To tame Indigo Bloodwyrm you will need Blue Bloodwyrm and 15 taming points which you can get either by buying it from Auctioneer or by taming it yourself, Blue Bloodwyrm located in Hakanas Highlands in the Guardian Gates.

Sadly this familiar is still unavailable on EU & NA servers.