Image Title Grade Type
Gray Wolf Alpha Gray Wolf Alpha Common Offense
Silver Frost Wyvern Silver Frost Wyvern Common Offense
Canniphage Canniphage Heroic Offense
Depomis Saorous Depomis Saorous Common Offense
Agnas the Red Agnas the Red Heroic Offense
Jungle Leopard Jungle Leopard Common Offense
Atan Atan Elite Offense
Karnin Karnin Elite Offense
Armored Redbird Armored Redbird Common Offense
Terror Kerav Terror Kerav Heroic Offense
Mega Karasha Mega Karasha Legendary Offense
Tropical Ramphastos Tropical Ramphastos Legendary Offense
Solar Bloodwyrm Solar Bloodwyrm Elite Offense
Mist Mist Elite Offense
Coiste Bodhar Coiste Bodhar Heroic Offense
Soaring Karasha Soaring Karasha Legendary Offense
Berit Berit Elite Offense
Frost Frost Elite Offense
Horos Horos Common Offense
요하네스 요하네스 Elite Offense