Cheap Electrode

Cheap Electrode


Description Obtained from: Armor Crafting Merchant
A material used in heavy armor, light armor, and off-hand gear crafting.
Required Level 6
Sale Price 1C
Type Shop tool
Level Elite
Craft Armor Crafting

Some items can be crafted from this item

Image Title Count
I4222068 강화된 미스릴 투갑 3
I34906 중급 사냥꾼의 투갑 50
I13264593 Medium Hunter Stalwart Helm 35
I335320 Medium Hunter Stalwart Pauldron 35
I802908 Medium Hunter Stalwart Heavy Armor 50
I16376231 Medium Hunter Stalwart Gloves 15
I9543141 Medium Hunter Stalwart Boots 15
I6647230 Medium Hunter Brutal Helm 35
I13867659 Medium Hunter Brutal Pauldron 35
I12775539 Medium Hunter Brutal Heavy Armor 50
I71223 Medium Hunter Brutal Gloves 15
I13232189 Medium Hunter Brutal Boots 15
I599602 Medium Hunter Veiled Helm 35
I7952101 Medium Hunter Veiled Pauldron 35
I7484227 Medium Hunter Veiled Light Armor 50
I16691834 Medium Hunter Veiled Gloves 15
I654442 Medium Hunter Veiled Boots 15
I7170324 Sturdy Hunting Shield 50
I12310882 Sturdy Hunting Crest 50
I5494457 Tempered Mithril Stalwart Helm 2
I12915506 Tempered Mithril Stalwart Pauldron 2
I14047434 Tempered Mithril Stalwart Heavy Armor 3
I2554222 Tempered Mithril Stalwart Gloves 1
I2106311 Tempered Mithril Stalwart Boots 1
I1558746 Tempered Mithril Brutal Helm 2
I9187665 Tempered Mithril Brutal Pauldron 2
I3130730 Tempered Mithril Brutal Heavy Armor 3
I1206397 Tempered Mithril Brutal Gloves 1
I3569826 Tempered Mithril Brutal Boots 1
I10952235 Tempered Mithril Veiled Helm 2
I7198358 Tempered Mithril Veiled Pauldron 2
I270865 Tempered Mithril Veiled Light Armor 3
I6175651 Tempered Mithril Veiled Gloves 1
I15328780 Tempered Mithril Veiled Boots 1
I632890 Tempered Mithril Shield 3
I12050636 Tempered Mithril Crest 3
I10886418 강화된 미스릴 냉정 투구 2
I1046138 강화된 미스릴 냉정 어깨 2
I5258310 강화된 미스릴 냉정 경갑 3
I13636501 강화된 미스릴 냉정 장갑 1
I15132126 강화된 미스릴 냉정 신발 1
I3411728 중급 사냥꾼의 냉정 투구 35
I7060663 중급 사냥꾼의 냉정 어깨 35
I4928944 중급 사냥꾼의 냉정 경갑 50
I4455523 중급 사냥꾼의 냉정 장갑 15
I9616391 중급 사냥꾼의 냉정 신발 15
I846671 강화된 강철 투갑 2
I7865912 Tempered Steel Stalwart Pauldron 1
I9087116 Tempered Steel Stalwart Heavy Armor 2
I8215949 Tempered Steel Stalwart Gloves 1
I9203194 Tempered Steel Stalwart Heavy Boots 1
I6570864 Tempered Steel Brutal Pauldron 1
I7260012 Tempered Steel Brutal Heavy Armor 2
I2082089 Tempered Steel Brutal Gloves 1
I14029777 Tempered Steel Brutal Boots 1
I6748978 Tempered Steel Veiled Pauldron 1
I12332477 Tempered Steel Veiled Light Armor 2
I14941831 Tempered Steel Veiled Gloves 1
I12558000 Tempered Steel Veiled Boots 1
I5050420 Tempered Steel Shield 2
I3601127 Tempered Steel Crest 2
I6946456 강화된 강철 냉정 어깨 1
I7582512 강화된 강철 냉정 경갑 2
I2295988 강화된 강철 냉정 장갑 1
I7745545 강화된 강철 냉정 신발 1