Polished Average Electrode

Polished Average Electrode


Description Obtained from: Armor Crafting Merchant
A material used in heavy armor, light armor, and off-hand gear crafting.
Required Level 36
Sale Price 5S 16C
Type Shop tool
Level Heroic
Craft Armor Crafting

Some items can be crafted from this item

Image Title Count
I7762033 Shining Tempered Adamantite Brutal Pauldron 6
I2064310 Shining Tempered Adamantite Brutal Heavy Armor 10
I15961158 Shining Tempered Adamantite Brutal Gloves 5
I1535215 Shining Tempered Adamantite Brutal Boots 5
I11028500 Shining Tempered Adamantite Veiled Helm 6
I8014979 Shining Tempered Adamantite Veiled Pauldron 6
I3557805 Shining Tempered Adamantite Veiled Light Armor 10
I9544898 Shining Tempered Adamantite Veiled Gloves 5
I9821925 Shining Tempered Adamantite Veiled Boots 5
I3994593 Shining Tempered Adamantite Shield 7
I5230346 Shining Tempered Adamantite Crest 7
I946183 중급 학살자의 냉정 투구 25
I15402587 중급 학살자의 냉정 어깨 25
I12926764 중급 학살자의 냉정 경갑 35
I16541583 중급 학살자의 냉정 장갑 10
I946136 중급 학살자의 냉정 신발 10
I83573 빛나는 아다만티움 냉정 투구 6
I16570686 빛나는 아다만티움 냉정 어깨 6
I4502993 빛나는 아다만티움 냉정 경갑 10
I1914961 빛나는 아다만티움 냉정 장갑 5
I1900008 빛나는 아다만티움 냉정 신발 5
I4995138 빛나는 강화 아다만티움 냉정 투구 6
I2604942 빛나는 강화 아다만티움 냉정 어깨 6
I5672026 빛나는 강화 아다만티움 냉정 경갑 10
I6698494 빛나는 강화 아다만티움 냉정 장갑 5
I8212723 빛나는 강화 아다만티움 냉정 신발 5
I7837831 암흑 군단장의 냉정 투구 6
I5593022 암흑 군단장의 냉정 어깨 6
I15428583 암흑 군단장의 냉정 경갑 10
I4619729 암흑 군단장의 냉정 장갑 5
I1882494 암흑 군단장의 냉정 신발 5
I11890894 Karasha's Level-headed Helm 6
I3209947 Karasha's Level-headed Pauldron 7
I2693805 Karasha's Level-headed Light Armor 8
I11115240 Karasha's Level-headed Gloves 5
I13298616 Karasha's Level-headed Boots 6
I14101852 Tyrant's Stalwart Helm 6
I11842092 Tyrant's Stalwart Pauldron 6
I2388422 Tyrant's Stalwart Heavy Armor 10
I5198296 Tyrant's Stalwart Gloves 5
I5940869 Tyrant's Stalwart Boots 5
I15988099 Tyrant's Brutal Helm 6
I3886868 Tyrant's Brutal Pauldron 6
I5808554 Tyrant's Brutal Heavy Armor 10
I1155048 Tyrant's Brutal Gloves 5
I6555841 Tyrant's Brutal Boots 5
I16123569 Tyrant's Veiled Helm 6
I4050178 Tyrant's Veiled Pauldron 6
I9687832 Tyrant's Veiled Light Armor 10
I6246049 중급 학살자의 투갑 35
I11877140 Tyrant's Veiled Gloves 5
I1835353 빛나는 아다만티움 투갑 7
I6757827 Tyrant's Veiled Boots 5
I4454227 빛나는 강화 아다만티움 투갑 7
I8930829 암흑 군단장의 투갑 7
I1558542 Dark Corps Commander Shield 7
I15304038 Tyrant's Crest 7
I4917645 Medium Slayer Stalwart Helm 25
I8670958 Medium Slayer Stalwart Pauldron 25
I8794400 Medium Slayer Stalwart Heavy Armor 35
I5803457 Medium Slayer Stalwart Gloves 10
I15464526 Medium Slayer Stalwart Boots 10
I15424969 Medium Slayer Brutal Helm 25
I5139984 Medium Slayer Brutal Pauldron 25
I4340696 Medium Slayer Brutal Heavy Armor 35
I4167238 Medium Slayer Brutal Gloves 10
I11402118 Karasha's Stalwart Helm 6
I2666055 Medium Slayer Brutal Boots 10
I10482227 Karasha's Stalwart Pauldron 7
I5372500 Medium Slayer Veiled Helm 25
I1018691 Karasha's Stalwart Heavy Armor 8
I15943427 Medium Slayer Veiled Pauldron 25
I1063514 Karasha's Stalwart Gloves 5
I15819911 Medium Slayer Veiled Light Armor 35
I1406630 Karasha's Stalwart Boots 6
I5836348 Medium Slayer Veiled Gloves 10
I13930568 Karasha's Brutal Helm 6
I6858753 Medium Slayer Veiled Boots 10
I16684820 Karasha's Brutal Pauldron 7
I8470856 Karasha's Brutal Heavy Armor 8
I6110749 Karasha's Brutal Gloves 5
I8437997 Karasha's Brutal Boots 6
I8808617 Karasha's Veiled Helm 6
I9982656 Karasha's Veiled Pauldron 7
I10940153 Karasha's Veiled Light Armor 8
I11292003 Karasha's Veiled Gloves 5
I261457 Karasha's Veiled Boots 6
I1314715 Sturdy Slayer Shield 35
I3906440 Sturdy Slayer Crest 35
I13398570 Karasha's Shield 7
I16385578 Karasha's Crest 7
I3910057 Shining Adamantite Stalwart Helm 6
I2328047 Shining Adamantite Stalwart Pauldron 6
I15364209 Shining Adamantite Stalwart Heavy Armor 10
I4843025 Shining Adamantite Stalwart Gloves 5
I15001438 Shining Adamantite Stalwart Boots 5
I16163568 Shining Adamantite Brutal Helm 6
I15419706 Shining Adamantite Brutal Pauldron 6
I1931244 Shining Adamantite Brutal Heavy Armor 10
I5357581 Shining Adamantite Brutal Gloves 5
I6847687 Shining Adamantite Brutal Boots 5
I11351762 Shining Adamantite Veiled Helm 6
I8536941 Shining Adamantite Veiled Pauldron 6
I2135015 Shining Adamantite Veiled Light Armor 10
I7682811 Shining Adamantite Veiled Gloves 5
I548400 Shining Adamantite Veiled Boots 5
I6221263 Shining Adamantite Shield 7
I8864846 Shining Adamantite Crest 7
I15900549 Shining Tempered Adamantite Stalwart Helm 6
I8712370 Shining Tempered Adamantite Stalwart Pauldron 6
I9477010 Shining Tempered Adamantite Stalwart Heavy Armor 10
I2229791 Shining Tempered Adamantite Stalwart Gloves 5
I12441398 Shining Tempered Adamantite Stalwart Boots 5
I5379644 Shining Tempered Adamantite Brutal Helm 6
I14602991 Supreme Stalwart Helm 6
I11341271 Supreme Stalwart Pauldron 6
I2876369 Supreme Stalwart Heavy Armor 10
I16541988 빛나는 강화 미스릴 냉정 투구 6
I4697211 Supreme Stalwart Gloves 5
I3262814 빛나는 강화 미스릴 냉정 어깨 6
I5155306 Supreme Stalwart Boots 5
I716735 빛나는 강화 미스릴 냉정 경갑 10
I9365 Supreme Brutal Helm 6
I8288733 빛나는 강화 미스릴 냉정 장갑 5
I4336335 Supreme Brutal Pauldron 6
I9836292 빛나는 강화 미스릴 냉정 신발 5
I5320517 Supreme Brutal Heavy Armor 10
I7290334 빛나는 투랄리움 냉정 투구 6
I369435 Supreme Brutal Gloves 5
I15779175 빛나는 투랄리움 냉정 어깨 6
I6067702 Supreme Brutal Boots 5
I7894420 빛나는 투랄리움 냉정 경갑 10
I15635342 Supreme Veiled Helm 6
I1186110 빛나는 투랄리움 냉정 장갑 5
I4538357 Supreme Veiled Pauldron 6
I4821254 빛나는 투랄리움 냉정 신발 5
I10486267 Supreme Veiled Light Armor 10
I8325780 총사령관의 냉정 투구 6
I11091919 Supreme Veiled Gloves 5
I6430177 총사령관의 냉정 어깨 6
I7543152 Supreme Veiled Boots 5
I15929276 총사령관의 냉정 경갑 10
I5404942 총사령관의 냉정 장갑 5
I1083929 총사령관의 냉정 신발 5
I8326636 찬란한 선도자의 냉정 투구 39
I6428989 찬란한 선도자의 냉정 어깨 39
I15928548 찬란한 선도자의 냉정 경갑 42
I5406178 찬란한 선도자의 냉정 장갑 36
I1084789 찬란한 선도자의 냉정 신발 36
I15028342 Supreme Commander Shield 7
I3090788 Supreme Commander Crest 7
I14602039 Glorious Leader Stalwart Helm 39
I11342079 Glorious Leader Stalwart Pauldron 39
I2877141 Glorious Leader Stalwart Heavy Armor 42
I4696348 Glorious Leader Stalwart Gloves 36
I5154486 Glorious Leader Stalwart Boots 36
I8697 Glorious Leader Brutal Helm 39
I4337063 Glorious Leader Brutal Pauldron 39
I5321313 Glorious Leader Brutal Heavy Armor 42
I368691 Glorious Leader Brutal Gloves 36
I6066898 Glorious Leader Brutal Boots 36
I15636202 Glorious Leader Veiled Helm 39
I4537561 Glorious Leader Veiled Pauldron 39
I10485291 Glorious Leader Veiled Light Armor 42
I11092631 Glorious Leader Veiled Gloves 36
I7543864 Glorious Leader Veiled Boots 36
I14716220 빛나는 강화 미스릴 투갑 7
I11372094 빛나는 투랄리움 투갑 7
I14583923 총사령관의 투갑 7
I14584627 축복받은 선도자의 투갑 33
I15027474 Glorious Leader Shield 33
I3091532 Glorious Leader Crest 33
I454053 Shining Tempered Mithril Stalwart Helm 6
I11465255 Shining Tempered Mithril Stalwart Pauldron 6
I16206922 Shining Tempered Mithril Stalwart Heavy Armor 10
I7380022 Shining Tempered Mithril Stalwart Gloves 5
I6875526 Shining Tempered Mithril Stalwart Boots 5
I11636562 Shining Tempered Mithril Brutal Helm 6
I15375553 Shining Tempered Mithril Brutal Pauldron 6
I15345181 Shining Tempered Mithril Brutal Heavy Armor 10
I16630909 Shining Tempered Mithril Brutal Gloves 5
I14915366 Shining Tempered Mithril Brutal Boots 5
I8520958 Shining Tempered Mithril Veiled Helm 6
I5507040 Shining Tempered Mithril Veiled Pauldron 6
I3791563 Shining Tempered Mithril Veiled Light Armor 10
I4251496 Shining Tempered Mithril Veiled Gloves 5
I4221566 Shining Tempered Mithril Veiled Boots 5
I4558348 Perfected Mithril Shield 7
I14203764 Perfected Mithril Crest 7
I5420212 Shining Turalium Stalwart Helm 6
I15592875 Shining Turalium Stalwart Helm Pauldron 6
I269625 Shining Turalium Stalwart Heavy Armor 10
I15559499 Shining Turalium Stalwart Gloves 5
I4038702 Shining Turalium Stalwart Boots 5
I4078729 Shining Turalium Brutal Helm 6
I1901310 Shining Turalium Brutal Pauldron 6
I12824839 Shining Turalium Brutal Heavy Armor 10
I11970418 Shining Turalium Brutal Gloves 5
I12366413 Shining Turalium Brutal Boots 5
I15453231 Shining Turalium Veiled Helm 6
I9427132 Shining Turalium Veiled Pauldron 6
I10413767 Shining Turalium Veiled Light Armor 10
I4338988 Shining Turalium Veiled Gloves 5
I10730818 Shining Turalium Veiled Boots 5
I10318815 Shining Turalium Shield 7
I9678143 Shining Turalium Crest 7