Exarium Alloy

Exarium Alloy


Description A material used in PvP armor crafting.
Required Level 30
Sale Price 86C
Type Magic stone
Level Common
Craft Armor Crafting

Item can be crafted

Mastery level 3
Mastery type Armor Crafting
Simple Reducing Agent Simple Reducing Agent 15
Iron Ore Iron Ore 5
Mithril Ore Mithril Ore 10
Exarium Ore Exarium Ore 20

Some items can be crafted from this item

Image Title Count
I1228010 상급 사냥꾼의 투갑 7
I15697849 High Hunter Stalwart Helm 8
I11791465 High Hunter Stalwart Pauldron 9
I3121159 High Hunter Stalwart Heavy Armor 10
I12391291 High Hunter Stalwart Gloves 6
I14865533 High Hunter Stalwart Boots 7
I9543797 High Hunter Brutal Helm 8
I11021062 High Hunter Brutal Pauldron 9
I12632223 High Hunter Brutal Heavy Armor 10
I216371 High Hunter Brutal Gloves 6
I14425093 High Hunter Brutal Boots 7
I11045699 High Hunter Veiled Helm 8
I10270324 High Hunter Veiled Pauldron 9
I2163103 High Hunter Veiled Light Armor 10
I5237271 High Hunter Veiled Gloves 6
I13446843 High Hunter Veiled Boots 7
I8750071 Embellished Hunting Shield 7
I11116042 Embellished Hunting Crest 7
I5851444 상급 사냥꾼의 냉정 투구 8
I2957660 상급 사냥꾼의 냉정 어깨 9
I2030891 상급 사냥꾼의 냉정 경갑 10
I5648623 상급 사냥꾼의 냉정 장갑 6
I13720964 상급 사냥꾼의 냉정 신발 7
I2023567 하급 사냥꾼의 투갑 7
I34906 중급 사냥꾼의 투갑 7
I16091425 Low Hunter Stalwart Helm 8
I14280561 Low Hunter Stalwart Pauldron 9
I6507162 Low Hunter Stalwart Heavy Armor 10
I16539106 Low Hunter Stalwart Gloves 6
I10711312 Low Hunter Stalwart Boots 7
I5145254 Low Hunter Brutal Helm 8
I2801034 Low Hunter Brutal Pauldron 9
I9950335 Low Hunter Brutal Heavy Armor 10
I16191239 Low Hunter Brutal Gloves 6
I15220850 Low Hunter Brutal Boots 7
I10658507 Low Hunter Veiled Helm 8
I13655951 Low Hunter Veiled Pauldron 9
I4652319 Low Hunter Veiled Light Armor 10
I1083194 Low Hunter Veiled Gloves 6
I817313 Low Hunter Veiled Boots 7
I6061463 Crude Hunting Shield 7
I13856434 Crude Hunting Crest 7
I13264593 Medium Hunter Stalwart Helm 8
I335320 Medium Hunter Stalwart Pauldron 9
I802908 Medium Hunter Stalwart Heavy Armor 10
I16376231 Medium Hunter Stalwart Gloves 6
I9543141 Medium Hunter Stalwart Boots 7
I6647230 Medium Hunter Brutal Helm 8
I13867659 Medium Hunter Brutal Pauldron 9
I12775539 Medium Hunter Brutal Heavy Armor 10
I71223 Medium Hunter Brutal Gloves 6
I13232189 Medium Hunter Brutal Boots 7
I599602 Medium Hunter Veiled Helm 8
I7952101 Medium Hunter Veiled Pauldron 9
I7484227 Medium Hunter Veiled Light Armor 10
I16691834 Medium Hunter Veiled Gloves 6
I654442 Medium Hunter Veiled Boots 7
I7170324 Sturdy Hunting Shield 7
I12310882 Sturdy Hunting Crest 7
I12120159 하급 사냥꾼의 냉정 투구 8
I4235187 하급 사냥꾼의 냉정 어깨 9
I4764627 하급 사냥꾼의 냉정 경갑 10
I8256538 하급 사냥꾼의 냉정 장갑 6
I12970389 하급 사냥꾼의 냉정 신발 7
I3411728 중급 사냥꾼의 냉정 투구 8
I7060663 중급 사냥꾼의 냉정 어깨 9
I4928944 중급 사냥꾼의 냉정 경갑 10
I4455523 중급 사냥꾼의 냉정 장갑 6
I9616391 중급 사냥꾼의 냉정 신발 7