Chaos Fragment

Chaos Fragment


Description Found in: Exarahn Badlands
A material used in PvP item crafting.
Required Level 30
Sale Price 86C
Type Magic stone
Level Elite
Craft Weapon Crafting, Armor Crafting, Jewelry Crafting, Barder Crafting, Alchemy

Some items can be crafted from this item

Image Title Count
I11880074 Modest Hunter Claws 2
I5770952 Modest Hunter Saddle 2
I2251630 Modest Hunter Soul Stone 2
I11880298 Austere Hunter Claws 4
I5771348 Austere Hunter Saddle 4
I2252022 Austere Hunter Soul Stone 4
I13035381 High Hunter Sword 6
I6593016 High Hunter Dagger 6
I7103902 High Hunter Staff 6
I4219742 High Hunter Greatsword 6
I16368447 High Hunter Scepter 6
I12849538 High Hunter Crossbow 6
I10433457 High Hunter Lance 6
I14026403 High Hunter Dagger 6
I15775573 Low Hunter Sword 2
I5315431 Low Hunter Dagger 2
I7497518 Low Hunter Staff 2
I1479806 Low Hunter Greatsword 2
I7759726 Low Hunter Scepter 2
I477424 Low Hunter Crossbow 2
I6034938 Low Hunter Lance 2
I9052317 Medium Hunter Sword 4
I5479708 Medium Hunter Dagger 4
I8726791 Medium Hunter Staff 4
I2646663 Medium Hunter Greatsword 4
I16460179 Medium Hunter Scepter 4
I14427467 Medium Hunter Crossbow 4
I12753250 Medium Hunter Lance 4
I13639035 Low Hunter Dagger 2
I11181464 Medium Hunter Dagger 4
I1228010 상급 사냥꾼의 투갑 6
I15697849 High Hunter Stalwart Helm 6
I11791465 High Hunter Stalwart Pauldron 6
I3121159 High Hunter Stalwart Heavy Armor 6
I12391291 High Hunter Stalwart Gloves 6
I14865533 High Hunter Stalwart Boots 6
I9543797 High Hunter Brutal Helm 6
I11021062 High Hunter Brutal Pauldron 6
I12632223 High Hunter Brutal Heavy Armor 6
I216371 High Hunter Brutal Gloves 6
I14425093 High Hunter Brutal Boots 6
I11045699 High Hunter Veiled Helm 6
I10270324 High Hunter Veiled Pauldron 6
I2163103 High Hunter Veiled Light Armor 6
I5237271 High Hunter Veiled Gloves 6
I13446843 High Hunter Veiled Boots 6
I922424 High Hunter Arcane Hat 6
I15689818 High Hunter Arcane Pauldron 6
I7617445 High Hunter Arcane Robe 6
I3999869 High Hunter Arcane Gloves 6
I4926486 High Hunter Arcane Boots 6
I1620267 High Hunter Devout Hat 6
I2439031 High Hunter Devout Pauldron 6
I9300082 High Hunter Devout Robe 6
I11511505 High Hunter Devout Gloves 6
I14281235 High Hunter Devout Boots 6
I8750071 Embellished Hunting Shield 6
I11116042 Embellished Hunting Crest 6
I5851444 상급 사냥꾼의 냉정 투구 6
I2957660 상급 사냥꾼의 냉정 어깨 6
I2030891 상급 사냥꾼의 냉정 경갑 6
I5648623 상급 사냥꾼의 냉정 장갑 6
I13720964 상급 사냥꾼의 냉정 신발 6
I2023567 하급 사냥꾼의 투갑 2
I34906 중급 사냥꾼의 투갑 4
I16091425 Low Hunter Stalwart Helm 2
I14280561 Low Hunter Stalwart Pauldron 2
I6507162 Low Hunter Stalwart Heavy Armor 2
I16539106 Low Hunter Stalwart Gloves 2
I10711312 Low Hunter Stalwart Boots 2
I5145254 Low Hunter Brutal Helm 2
I2801034 Low Hunter Brutal Pauldron 2
I9950335 Low Hunter Brutal Heavy Armor 2
I16191239 Low Hunter Brutal Gloves 2
I15220850 Low Hunter Brutal Boots 2
I10658507 Low Hunter Veiled Helm 2
I13655951 Low Hunter Veiled Pauldron 2
I4652319 Low Hunter Veiled Light Armor 2
I1083194 Low Hunter Veiled Gloves 2
I817313 Low Hunter Veiled Boots 2
I14959573 Low Hunter Arcane Hat 2
I14939227 Low Hunter Arcane Pauldron 2
I10225480 Low Hunter Arcane Robe 2
I6733341 Low Hunter Arcane Gloves 2
I6204165 Low Hunter Arcane Boots 2
I4308915 Low Hunter Devout Hat 2
I711553 Low Hunter Devout Pauldron 2
I5145881 Low Hunter Devout Robe 2
I8125472 Low Hunter Devout Gloves 2
I7832602 Low Hunter Devout Boots 2
I6061463 Crude Hunting Shield 2
I13856434 Crude Hunting Crest 2
I13264593 Medium Hunter Stalwart Helm 4
I335320 Medium Hunter Stalwart Pauldron 4
I802908 Medium Hunter Stalwart Heavy Armor 4
I16376231 Medium Hunter Stalwart Gloves 4
I9543141 Medium Hunter Stalwart Boots 4
I6647230 Medium Hunter Brutal Helm 4
I13867659 Medium Hunter Brutal Pauldron 4
I12775539 Medium Hunter Brutal Heavy Armor 4
I71223 Medium Hunter Brutal Gloves 4
I13232189 Medium Hunter Brutal Boots 4
I599602 Medium Hunter Veiled Helm 4
I7952101 Medium Hunter Veiled Pauldron 4
I7484227 Medium Hunter Veiled Light Armor 4
I16691834 Medium Hunter Veiled Gloves 4
I654442 Medium Hunter Veiled Boots 4
I16126558 Medium Hunter Arcane Hat 4
I11585361 Medium Hunter Arcane Pauldron 4
I6424509 Medium Hunter Arcane Robe 4
I6897942 Medium Hunter Arcane Gloves 4
I9029485 Medium Hunter Arcane Boots 4
I2815047 Medium Hunter Devout Hat 4
I6423771 Medium Hunter Devout Pauldron 4
I3977242 Medium Hunter Devout Robe 4
I55200 Medium Hunter Devout Gloves 4
I7951911 Medium Hunter Devout Boots 4
I7170324 Sturdy Hunting Shield 4
I12310882 Sturdy Hunting Crest 4
I12120159 하급 사냥꾼의 냉정 투구 2
I4235187 하급 사냥꾼의 냉정 어깨 2
I4764627 하급 사냥꾼의 냉정 경갑 2
I8256538 하급 사냥꾼의 냉정 장갑 2
I12970389 하급 사냥꾼의 냉정 신발 2
I3411728 중급 사냥꾼의 냉정 투구 4
I7060663 중급 사냥꾼의 냉정 어깨 4
I4928944 중급 사냥꾼의 냉정 경갑 4
I4455523 중급 사냥꾼의 냉정 장갑 4
I9616391 중급 사냥꾼의 냉정 신발 4
I15287495 Pyludd's Crimson Necklace 18
I8058877 Pyludd's Cursed Ring 12
I393894 Pyludd's Ring of Darkness 12
I6068999 Vylet's Crimson Necklace 18
I14225780 Vylet's Cursed Ring 12
I3390709 Vylet's Ring of Darkness 12
I5661488 Megantes's Crimson Necklace 18
I15648742 Megantes's Cursed Ring 12
I11731066 Megantes's Ring of Darkness 12
I959925 Complex Hunter Necklace 6
I610459 Complex Hunter Ring 6
I7579255 Modest Hunter Necklace 2
I13233653 Modest Hunter Ring 2
I3778224 Austere Hunter Necklace 4
I12116414 Austere Hunter Ring 4
I11877502 Complex Hunter Claws 6
I5765376 Complex Hunter Saddle 6
I2255666 Complex Hunter Soul Stone 6

Item can be obtained by completing quests

Contaminated Exarium
Refuge for Warriors

Which mobs drop Chaos Fragment

This item should drop every every elite mob in Badlands but we confirmed it as a drop from Elite mobs in Exarahn badlands:
Marksmen - 33lvl
Runner - 35lvl
Skirmisher - 35lvl
Marauder Werewolf - 29lvl
Assassin Werewolf - 29lvl