Rabbini Silver Coin

Rabbini Silver Coin


Description Rabbini Silver Coin
Availability Untradable, Unsellable
Type Empty
Level Common

Item can be obtained by completing quests

Beware the Bumblebees
Cattle Control
Helping the Needy
A Special Gem
Air Route Restoration Work
An Invasive Species
Attack the Enemy Camp
Bloody Hills
Civic Duty
Cleaning the Ravine
Collapsing Enemy Force
Cursed on Paper
Dark Power and Dark Mage
Desert Queen and Solider Bee
Eliminate Mercenaries
Ember of Hope
Enemy of the Knights
Enraged Spirit
Experiment Material
Familiar Academy Support
Flam of the Fire Island
Gather Ancient Familiar's Sample
General of the Past
Group Disgracing the Holy Ground
Guardian of the Past
Higheberd Hunt
Ikeria of the Light Island
Kelsier of the Frozen Island
Materials for Kouslo
Porta of the Dark Island
Potion Ingredients
Prepare Venom
Protecting the Heart
Raider? Big Thief!
Reindeer Season
Sand and Rock
Settling the Wisps
Stone for sculpting
Sun and Guardian
Temple Disruption
The Grazing Fields
Tritael Creature Research
Village Restoration Work
Weapon and Scripture
Wings of Death
Zelnaris and Keeshar
[10 Person] Fractura 2 General Weapon
[10 Person] [Elite] The Great Jumawu
[10 Person] [Heroic] Rabbini vs. Attaius Peak
[10 Person] [Heroic] Rabbini vs. the Gusting Isles
[Elite+] Predator of the Rift
[Elite] Execution Order: Avvar the Swift
[Elite] Execution Order: Bavaros the Simple
[Elite] Execution Order: Shaban the Craven
[Elite] For the Adventure King
[Elite] The Fallen Commander
[Familiar] Key for the Change
[Familiar] Plague Aura and Crystal
[Familiar] Work of Supervisor
[Heroic] Rabbini and the Breach
[Heroic] Rabbini and the Cavern
[Heroic] Rabbini and the Keep
[Instanced Dungeon] [Elite] Those Hypnotized Under Demigod
[Instanced Dungeon] [Heroic] Those Hypnotized Under Demigod
[Instanced Dungeon][Heroic] Dark Letters
[Instanced Dungeon][Heroic] Dark Shadow
[Instanced Dungeon][Heroic]Remove Darkness of the Temple
[Instant Dungeon] Corrupted Creature
[Instant Dungeon] Darkness and Dazzling Magic Power
[Instant Dungeon] False God in the Darkness
[Instant Dungeon][Elite+] Shadows in Holy Ground
[Legendary ] Burning Embers
[Legendary] Blood in Darkness
[Legendary] Rabbini and the Breach
[Legendary] Rabbini and the Cavern
[Legendary] Rabbini and the Keep
[Legendary] The Unstopped Heart
[Party] El Canin Wipe-out
[White Silver] Enemy of the Miners
[White Silver] Hungry Masters
[White Silver] Mending Pickaxes
[White Silver] Slaking Thirst