(Quest) Karasha's Devout Set

(Quest) Karasha's Devout Set


Description Contains the following items:(Quest) Karasha's Ring I(Quest) Karasha's Ring II(Quest) Karasha's Necklace(Quest) Karasha's Devout Hat(Quest) Karasha's Devout Pauldron(Quest) Karasha's Devout Robe(Quest) Karasha's Devout Gloves(Quest) Karasha's Devout Boots(Quest) Karasha's Scepter(Quest) Karasha's Crest
Can be used for 14 days
Required Level 40
Bind type Binds when opened
Reqjobs Priest only
Availability Untradable, Unsellable
Sale Price 1C
Type Empty
Level Legendary

Item can be obtained by completing quests

Power to Fight Against Fate
Supplies from the Onyx Order