Familiar Orb

Familiar Orb


Description Obtained from: Hunting monsters
A material used in crafting items to tame familiars.
Required Level 1
Sale Price 1C
Type Rare material
Level Elite
Craft Barder Crafting

Item can be obtained by completing quests

A New Attraction
An Invasive Species
An Old Memory
Ashen Wings
Blade of Revenge
Burning Eternal
Castle of Ice
Cleansing Takes Time
Collect Information
Collect the Chaos Elf Weapon
Death to Earth
Desert Braghin Weapon
Desert Braghins are here!
Desert Crokhoon Collaborator
Dragon Ambush
Dried Earth Fragment
Ellora's Protection
Endangered Mage
Evil Being
Fearful Reptiles
Fierce Attack
Flying Tyrants
Guardians of the Keep
Hand of Death
How to Fly Higher
Hungry Guardsman
List of Missing People
Load a Bow
Merchant's Property
Miner's Request
Mop-up Operation at the entrance of Mercenary Station
Noise Problems at the Peak
Of Aguls and Merumis
Operation diary
Poison Plan
Powers of the Gods
Provide Water
Proving Your Worth
Punish the Heretic
Punishing Invaders
Radan's Eye
Rare Familiar
Return the Chalice
Revenge is Mine
Sealed Book
Secrets of Ruin Magic
Shakiba's Blood Relatives
Sorcerers of Khabim
Spider of Souls
Stolen Oreum Ore
Take Care of Chaos Elves
Takeover Mercenaries Weapons
The Cursed Heart
The Wandering Dead
Things for Spell
Three Suspicious Brothers
Too Many Yetis
Toxic Remove Team
Traces of Princess
Tree Disposal Team
Unique Research
Useful Spider
Vylet the Deep One
Wandering Fish
Weapon Pickup
Wipe Out Crocodiles
Yet Another Yeti Hunt
Yetis on the Loose
Zelnaris and Keeshar
[Dungeon] An Uninvited guest at the temples
[Elite+] Wight Walkers
[Elite] For the Adventure King
[Elite] The Cursed
[Elite] Trench Warfare
[Familiar] Agile Bajanin
[Familiar] Air Route Sentry
[Familiar] Beast's Power
[Familiar] Beast-calling Mercenary
[Familiar] Dangerous Beast
[Familiar] Key for the Change
[Familiar] Magnificent Strength
[Familiar] Meat for the Starving
[Familiar] Mysterious Horn
[Familiar] Peculiar Research
[Familiar] Plague Aura and Crystal
[Familiar] Regular Check-up
[Familiar] Roar that Cries Darkness
[Familiar] Shakiba's Slave
[Familiar] Spider Ruler
[Familiar] Spreading Chaos
[Familiar] Stuff Must Disappear
[Familiar] Tear Gem
[Familiar] Urgent Matter
[Familiar] Work of Supervisor
[Familiar][10 Person] Broken Piece
[Familiar][10 Person] Magical Relic
[Instanced Dungeon] [Elite] Those Hypnotized Under Demigod
[Instanced Dungeon] [Heroic] Those Hypnotized Under Demigod
[Instanced Dungeon][Heroic]Remove Darkness of the Temple
[Instant Dungeon] Corrupted Creature
[Instant Dungeon] Darkness and Dazzling Magic Power
[Instant Dungeon] False God in the Darkness
[Party] Axe like a Storm
[Party] Beginning of the Mutant
[Party] Bone-piercing Arrow
[Party] Helping Talisman Restoring
[Party] Names on the List
[Party] Poisonous Living Creature
[Party] Power of Scorpion
[Party] Prickly Prick
[Party] Proof of Repentance
[Party] Severe Venom Gland
[Party] Sorcery and Holiness
[Party] Sword that Protects the Temple
[Party] The Strongest Substance
[Party] Truth Commissions
[Party] Variety of Training
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