Capital Guard Ring

Capital Guard Ring


Magic Defense 30
Required Level 16
Bind type Binds when opened
Reqjobs Wizard only
Item options Random options: 3
Health: +85
Seal Stone Count 0 - 3
Sale Price 36C
Type Ring
Level Heroic

Part of Capital Guard Arcane Set

Capital Guard Arcane Boots
Capital Guard Arcane Gloves
Capital Guard Arcane Robe
Capital Guard Ring

Set effects

Parts Effect
2 Intelligence: +16
3 Constitution: +6
4 Decreases cast time by 5%.

Item can be crafted

Mastery level 1
Mastery type Jewelry Crafting
Crude Jewelry Kit Crude Jewelry Kit 1
Silver Powder Silver Powder 3

Item can be obtained by completing quests

[Crafting] Corinne's Pride