Refined Adamantite Alloy

Refined Adamantite Alloy


Description Obtained from: Armor crafting
A material used in metal armor crafting.
Required Level 40
Sale Price 86C
Type Mineral
Level Legendary
Craft Armor Crafting

Item can be crafted

Mastery level 5
Mastery type Armor Crafting
Advanced Reducing Agent Advanced Reducing Agent 20
Adamantite Ore Adamantite Ore 20

Some items can be crafted from this item

Image Title Count
I11890894 Karasha's Level-headed Helm 6
I3209947 Karasha's Level-headed Pauldron 7
I2693805 Karasha's Level-headed Light Armor 8
I11115240 Karasha's Level-headed Gloves 5
I13298616 Karasha's Level-headed Boots 6
I5659598 Divine Wrath Stalwart Helm 12
I4592418 Divine Wrath Stalwart Pauldron 14
I7012370 Divine Wrath Stalwart Heavy Armor 16
I6435064 Divine Wrath Stalwart Gloves 10
I6426537 Divine Wrath Stalwart Boots 12
I12982807 Divine Wrath Brutal Helm 12
I12152781 Divine Wrath Brutal Pauldron 14
I9732859 Divine Wrath Brutal Heavy Armor 16
I12092870 Divine Wrath Brutal Gloves 10
I11575085 Divine Wrath Brutal Boots 12
I13122420 Divine Wrath Veiled Helm 12
I16647250 Divine Wrath Veiled Pauldron 14
I6344617 Divine Wrath Veiled Light Armor 16
I42007 Divine Wrath Veiled Gloves 10
I4502007 Divine Wrath Veiled Boots 12
I13731204 Divine Wrath Devout Boots 12
I6342878 엘로라의 천벌 냉정 투구 12
I4611373 엘로라의 천벌 냉정 어깨 14
I14914158 엘로라의 천벌 냉정 경갑 16
I2768891 엘로라의 천벌 냉정 장갑 10
I15086230 엘로라의 천벌 냉정 신발 12
I11898549 Ellora's Blessing Stalwart Helm 12
I9670165 Ellora's Blessing Stalwart Pauldron 14
I6407994 Ellora's Blessing Stalwart Heavy Armor 16
I483834 Ellora's Blessing Stalwart Gloves 10
I10975601 Ellora's Blessing Stalwart Boots 12
I8885810 Ellora's Blessing Brutal Helm 12
I16474675 Ellora's Blessing Brutal Pauldron 14
I213598 Ellora's Blessing Brutal Heavy Armor 16
I10302281 Ellora's Blessing Brutal Gloves 10
I8118887 Ellora's Blessing Brutal Boots 12
I11865915 Ellora's Blessing Veiled Helm 12
I12551293 Ellora's Blessing Veiled Pauldron 14
I1257762 Ellora's Blessing Veiled Light Armor 16
I9438427 Ellora's Blessing Veiled Gloves 10
I3942250 Ellora's Blessing Veiled Boots 12
I10747909 엘로라의 은총 냉정 투구 12
I11224844 엘로라의 은총 냉정 어깨 14
I5792898 엘로라의 은총 냉정 경갑 16
I13290492 엘로라의 은총 냉정 장갑 10
I3966248 엘로라의 은총 냉정 신발 12
I14904420 Ellora Shield 14
I13617902 Ellora Crest 14
I5119548 엘로라의 투갑 14
I11402118 Karasha's Stalwart Helm 6
I10482227 Karasha's Stalwart Pauldron 7
I1018691 Karasha's Stalwart Heavy Armor 8
I1063514 Karasha's Stalwart Gloves 5
I1406630 Karasha's Stalwart Boots 6
I13930568 Karasha's Brutal Helm 6
I16684820 Karasha's Brutal Pauldron 7
I8470856 Karasha's Brutal Heavy Armor 8
I6110749 Karasha's Brutal Gloves 5
I8437997 Karasha's Brutal Boots 6
I8808617 Karasha's Veiled Helm 6
I9982656 Karasha's Veiled Pauldron 7
I10940153 Karasha's Veiled Light Armor 8
I11292003 Karasha's Veiled Gloves 5
I261457 Karasha's Veiled Boots 6
I13398570 Karasha's Shield 7
I16385578 Karasha's Crest 7