Carleon Stallion Pedigree

Carleon Stallion Pedigree


Description This document proves the lineage of one of Carleon's greatest stallions, Black Wind. It should help you tame the noble beast.
Required Level 1
Reqjobs All Classes
Sale Price 10C
Type Material combination
Level Elite

Item can be crafted

Mastery level 1
Mastery type Barder Crafting
High Pedigree Mark High Pedigree Mark 1
Mid Pedigree Mark Mid Pedigree Mark 2
Low Pedigree Mark Low Pedigree Mark 2
Familiar Orb Familiar Orb 25

Following familiars can be tamed with item

Black Wind Black Wind

Everything you need to craft this item you can get in Dungeon Carleon Manor at Elite and Heroic level of difficulty.