Mithril Alloy

Mithril Alloy


Description A material used in armor crafting.
Required Level 26
Sale Price 31C
Type Mineral
Level Common
Craft Armor Crafting

Item can be crafted

Mastery level 3
Mastery type Armor Crafting
Simple Reducing Agent Simple Reducing Agent 1
Mithril Ore Mithril Ore 1

Some items can be crafted from this item

Image Title Count
I1944386 Tempered Mithril Alloy 1
I15710856 타락한 추종자의 냉정 장갑 4
I14136597 타락한 추종자의 냉정 신발 4
I2954341 얼음 군단장의 냉정 투구 16
I9493933 얼음 군단장의 냉정 어깨 16
I14665018 얼음 군단장의 냉정 경갑 16
I15713676 얼음 군단장의 냉정 장갑 16
I14138671 얼음 군단장의 냉정 신발 16
I12702459 미스릴 투갑 4
I6289866 Mithril Stalwart Helm 2
I12613694 Mithril Stalwart Pauldron 3
I9695022 Mithril Stalwart Heavy Armor 3
I3126025 Mithril Stalwart Gloves 2
I4786364 Mithril Stalwart Boots 2
I443443 Mithril Brutal Helm 2
I336446 Mithril Brutal Pauldron 3
I13893582 Mithril Brutal Heavy Armor 3
I10473951 Mithril Brutal Glovse 2
I12137008 Mithril Brutal Boots 2
I2760354 Mithril Veiled Helm 2
I3649069 Mithril Veiled Pauldron 3
I8555793 Mithril Veiled Light Armor 3
I6540957 Mithril Veiled Gloves 2
I57174 Mithril Veiled Boots 2
I14591104 Mithril Shield 4
I13855734 Mithril Crest 4
I16153790 미스릴 냉정 투구 2
I9845172 미스릴 냉정 어깨 3
I10037118 미스릴 냉정 경갑 3
I9497945 미스릴 냉정 장갑 2
I16414151 미스릴 냉정 신발 2
I15688714 Corrupt Stalwart Helm 4
I11392408 Corrupt Stalwart Pauldron 4
I4744652 Corrupt Stalwart Heavy Armor 4
I8875245 Corrupt Stalwart Gloves 4
I459268 Corrupt Stalwart Boots 4
I1146413 Corrupt Brutal Helm 4
I11383362 Corrupt Brutal Pauldron 4
I10470763 Corrupt Brutal Heavy Armor 4
I5551515 Corrupt Brutal Gloves 4
I8850506 Corrupt Brutal Boots 4
I6399588 Corrupt Veiled Helm 4
I14232707 Corrupt Veiled Pauldron 4
I12958169 Corrupt Veiled Light Armor 4
I14286279 Corrupt Veiled Gloves 4
I387131 Corrupt Veiled Boots 4
I15685910 Frost Command Stalwart Helm 16
I11392004 Frost Command Stalwart Pauldron 16
I4743480 Frost Command Stalwart Heavy Armor 16
I8876067 Frost Command Stalwart Gloves 16
I459672 Frost Command Stalwart Boots 16
I1144523 Frost Command Brutal Helm 16
I11382158 Frost Command Brutal Pauldron 16
I10470653 Frost Command Brutal Heavy Armor 16
I5551625 Frost Command Brutal Gloves 16
I8851758 Frost Command Brutal Boots 16
I6399448 Frost Command Veiled Helm 16
I14229889 Frost Command Veiled Pauldron 16
I12956039 Frost Command Veiled Light Armor 16
I2955691 타락한 추종자의 냉정 투구 4
I14288361 Frost Command Veiled Gloves 16
I9495863 타락한 추종자의 냉정 어깨 4
I389941 Frost Command Veiled Boots 16
I14667782 타락한 추종자의 냉정 경갑 4