Elite Seal Stone

Elite Seal Stone


Description A stone that can seal elite familiars so that they can be socketed onto equipment or consumed to increase talent points.
The familiar must be the same grade as the stone. The familiar must be lower level than your character. Once a familiar is sealed, cannot be unsealed. Right-click, then select the familiar you wish to change into a pet.
Required Level 1
Reqjobs All Classes
Sale Price 7S 50C
Type Seal stones
Level Elite
Cooldown 1s

Item can be obtained by completing quests

Advice from a Senior Member
Air Route Restoration Work
Attack the Enemy Camp
Beast's Power
Blade of Revenge
Collapsing Enemy Force
Culprit that Bosses Beasts Around
Cursed on Paper
Dangerous Beast
Death is Approaching
Desert Queen and Solider Bee
Destruction Stone Slate Incineration
Eliminate Mercenaries
Ember of Hope
Enraged Spirit
Even when Familiars Die, They Leave Bones
Experiment Material
Gather Ancient Familiar's Sample
Gather Ancient Familiar's Sample
Gift for a Grandfather
Group Disgracing the Holy Ground
Legion’s Plan
List of Missing People
Lost Relic
Master that Braghins Need
Plague-like Energy
Poison Plan
Prepare Venom
Price You Pay for the Advice
Queen of the Desert
Raider? Big Thief!
Rare Spiderweb
Revenge is Mine
Roar that Cries Darkness
Rock Infused with Blessings of Goddess
Sand and Rock
Scriptures of Priests
Spider Ruler
Stop the Enemies' Entry
Sun and Guardian
Suppress Them with Your Power
Tear Gem
Tears of Equilea
Techincian's Parts
Threat of Wild Animals
Tree Sentinel
Under the Sand Fog
Usage of the Property
Useful Thing
Vanished Temple’s Treasure
Village Restoration Work
Watchful Eye
Watchful Eye
Weapon and Scripture
[10 Person] Secret of Fractura Blueprint
[10 Person] Secret of Fractura Blueprint
[10 Person] Twilight Talisman
[Familiar] Key for the Change
[Familiar] Peculiar Research
[Familiar] Plague Aura and Crystal
[Instanced Dungeon] Epidemic Disease that Eats Darkness
[Instanced Dungeon] Solar Devil
[Instanced Dungeon][Heroic] Dark Letters
[Instanced Dungeon][Heroic] Dark Shadow
[Instanced Dungeon][Heroic] Dark Shadow
[Instant Dungeon] Corrupted Creature
[Instant Dungeon][Elite+] Shadows in Holy Ground
[Party] Bone-piercing Arrow
[Party] Breathtaking Arrow
[Party] God of Massacre
[Party] God of Massacre
[Party] Poisonous Living Creature
[Party] Prickly Prick
[Party] Variety of Training
[Party] Whereabouts of Treasure