Turquoise Soul Stone

Turquoise Soul Stone


Required Level 1
Bind type Binds when opened
Reqjobs All Classes
Item options Move Speed: +12%
Energy: +25%
Cooldown: -16%
Sale Price 21S 57C
Type Soul Stone
Level Heroic

Part of Turquoise Familiar Set

Turquoise Claws
Turquoise Saddle
Turquoise Soul Stone

Set effects

Parts Effect
2 Health: +600
Energy: +30%
3 The reindeer's blessing increases chance to gain move speed and familiar experience in Ellora's Sanctuary and Windy Canyon.

Item can be crafted

Mastery level 6
Mastery type Barder Crafting
Shining Quality Mystery Powder Shining Quality Mystery Powder 2
Flood Soul Stone Flood Soul Stone 1
Glorious Spirit Water Glorious Spirit Water 5
Sanctuary Essence Sanctuary Essence 10
Noble Spirit Noble Spirit 3