Turalium Alloy

Turalium Alloy


Description Obtained from: Armor crafting
A material used in metal armor crafting.
Required Level 36
Sale Price 86C
Type Mineral
Level Common
Craft Armor Crafting

Item can be crafted

Mastery level 4
Mastery type Armor Crafting
Fine Reducing Agent Fine Reducing Agent 1
Turalium Ore Turalium Ore 1

Some items can be crafted from this item

Image Title Count
I7290334 빛나는 투랄리움 냉정 투구 2
I15779175 빛나는 투랄리움 냉정 어깨 3
I7894420 빛나는 투랄리움 냉정 경갑 3
I1186110 빛나는 투랄리움 냉정 장갑 2
I4821254 빛나는 투랄리움 냉정 신발 2
I8326636 찬란한 선도자의 냉정 투구 32
I6428989 찬란한 선도자의 냉정 어깨 33
I15928548 찬란한 선도자의 냉정 경갑 33
I5406178 찬란한 선도자의 냉정 장갑 32
I1084789 찬란한 선도자의 냉정 신발 32
I14602039 Glorious Leader Stalwart Helm 32
I11342079 Glorious Leader Stalwart Pauldron 33
I2877141 Glorious Leader Stalwart Heavy Armor 33
I4696348 Glorious Leader Stalwart Gloves 32
I5154486 Glorious Leader Stalwart Boots 32
I8697 Glorious Leader Brutal Helm 32
I4337063 Glorious Leader Brutal Pauldron 33
I5321313 Glorious Leader Brutal Heavy Armor 33
I368691 Glorious Leader Brutal Gloves 32
I6066898 Glorious Leader Brutal Boots 32
I15636202 Glorious Leader Veiled Helm 32
I4537561 Glorious Leader Veiled Pauldron 33
I10485291 Glorious Leader Veiled Light Armor 33
I11092631 Glorious Leader Veiled Gloves 32
I7543864 Glorious Leader Veiled Boots 32
I11372094 빛나는 투랄리움 투갑 4
I14584627 축복받은 선도자의 투갑 33
I15027474 Glorious Leader Shield 33
I3091532 Glorious Leader Crest 33
I5420212 Shining Turalium Stalwart Helm 2
I15592875 Shining Turalium Stalwart Helm Pauldron 3
I269625 Shining Turalium Stalwart Heavy Armor 3
I15559499 Shining Turalium Stalwart Gloves 2
I4038702 Shining Turalium Stalwart Boots 2
I4078729 Shining Turalium Brutal Helm 2
I1901310 Shining Turalium Brutal Pauldron 3
I12824839 Shining Turalium Brutal Heavy Armor 3
I11970418 Shining Turalium Brutal Gloves 2
I12366413 Shining Turalium Brutal Boots 2
I15453231 Shining Turalium Veiled Helm 2
I9427132 Shining Turalium Veiled Pauldron 3
I10413767 Shining Turalium Veiled Light Armor 3
I4338988 Shining Turalium Veiled Gloves 2
I10730818 Shining Turalium Veiled Boots 2
I10318815 Shining Turalium Shield 4
I9678143 Shining Turalium Crest 4