Chilling Orb

Chilling Orb


Description This small piece of ice never seems to melt. It should help in taming Bonethorpe.
Required Level 1
Reqjobs All Classes
Sale Price 10C
Type Material combination
Level Elite


Chilling Orb 1

Item can be crafted

Mastery level 1
Mastery type Barder Crafting
Blizzard Phoenix Blizzard Phoenix 4
Parna's Light Parna's Light 5
Familiar Orb Familiar Orb 20
Elite Taming Potion Elite Taming Potion 10

Following familiars can be tamed with item

Bonethorpe Bonethorpe

Which mobs drop Chilling Orb & recipe for it

This item & recipe for it drops from Elite, named mob in the labyrinth near entrance to The Frost Keep dungeon:
Brave Tuntin - 34lvl