Dennivan Mark

Dennivan Mark


Description A mark that will help you tame Dennivan.
Required Level 1
Reqjobs All Classes
Sale Price 10C
Type Material combination
Level Elite

Item can be crafted

Mastery level 1
Mastery type Barder Crafting
Complex Familiar Orb Complex Familiar Orb 5
Desert Turtle Shell Desert Turtle Shell 10
Aliba Aliba 5
Elite Taming Potion Elite Taming Potion 15

Following familiars can be tamed with item

Dennivan Dennivan

Where you can get Recipe for Dennivan Mark

This recipe drops from 45lvl mobs Scattered Rock Spirit:
english name Scattered Rock Spirit
german name Verteilter Steingeist
french name Esprit des roches dispersé
korean name 조각난 바위 정령
japanese name 破壊された岩の精霊