[Instanced Dungeon] [Elite] Those Hypnotized Under Demigod


Level 44
Start NPC Laius
Finish NPC Liaus <Ancient Temple Priest>
Location Temple of Sands
Mission Bring Cynthia's report and Nibar's magic orb.
Description Cynthia who was dispatched from Khabim Brotherhood is the first one that discovered Skatrasha's language of destruction was sealed in this temple. She's already seized by this language of destruction. I need to find out who is the one that gave her this exact order.

I've once seen a report she wrote to her superior. Can you bring me back that report? And Nibar's magic orb... I think he injected the power from language of destruction into the orb. That orb must be withdrawn from him.
Reward exp 1424122
Reward gold 1G 49S 76C