[Familiar] Familiar Research in the Desert


Level 49
Start NPC Touliol
Finish NPC Touliol <Collector Coin Dealer>
Location Cloying Wastes
Mission You get the familiars, and I'll deal with the clients.
Description Recently seal stones have been collected to focus on taking care of the familiars in the Desert beneath the collector mountain.
We really need samples of high quality, but that seem to require a lot of people. So we are seeking help from explorers to collect familiar seal stones.

(As soon as he finishes talking, he hands you a piece of paper.)

-Vonash's Seal Stone
-Dosraku's Seal Stone
-Adelark's Seal Stone

These are the lists of familiars needed for the research. Please collect each familiar's seal stone and bring them back to me. I will give you a reasonable reward. You can find them all in the desert but it won't be easy.
Reward exp 1673530
Reward gold 1G 72S 54C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Collector's Coin Collector's Coin 2