[Party] Disappeared Treasure


Level 52
Start NPC Transfigurist Sermi
Finish NPC Transfigurist Sermi <Thousand Faces>
Location Windy Canyon
Mission Retrieve the Talisman from Black Wind Searcher, and teach a lesson to the Chasers and Zealots.
Description There is a legend about three legendary treasures of the Light Elves. Among those three, the Twilight Talisman has recently disappeared. However, I've been tipped that it's in the hands of Black Wind Searchers who have taken over El Canin Island.
You have no idea how much I've been tormented by those Black Wind Chasers and Zealots in my efforts to get this information.

It's fortunate that the Twilight Talisman has a special restraint for using it. Our wise ancestors might have foreseen that something like this would happen. It can't be used unless the user is not an elf.
I want you to retrieve the Talisman, and also teach a lesson to the Chasers and Zealots who have disturbed me to find it.
Reward exp 6683875
Reward gold 3G 64S 48C