[10 Person] Twilight Talisman


Level 52
Start NPC Transfigurist Sermi
Finish NPC Transfigurist Sermi <Thousand Faces>
Location Windy Canyon
Mission Gather your comrades and retrieve the Talisman from Kar Roxanne.
Description The Black Wind Mage has offered the Talisman to Kar Roxanne. If the current holder of the Talisman is Ker Roxanne...
A high commander of the Black Wind Army can do a lot of damage with that.

You... are confident enough to fight against Kar Roxanne?
I don't know if you're being foolhardy or not, but I believe in you.
It won't be possible all by yourself, but if you work together with your friends... Then you can retrieve the Talisman. That's probably the best way.
Reward exp 7712163
Reward gold 6G 18S 24C