[Instanced Dungeon][Heroic] Dark Letters


Level 49
Start NPC Laius
Finish NPC Liaus <Ancient Temple Priest>
Location Temple of Sands
Mission Track down every single being in the temple to collect the rune fragments.
Description You don't have to read the language of destruction that Skatrasha sealed. You can make a copy of it and it'll still have an effect like that of a talisman. It's amazing yet scary.

Jayce and his crew etched the words on rune fragments and gave to everyone guarding the temple. That caused those people to gain some power. That is why these rune fragments need to be destroyed.
Reward exp 1992671
Reward gold 2G 30S 4C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Elite Pet Scroll Elite Pet Scroll 1
Elite Seal Stone Elite Seal Stone 3
Rabbini Silver Coin Rabbini Silver Coin 10