Prepare Venom


Level 40
Start NPC Mission Board
Finish NPC Mission Board
Location Cloying Wastes
Mission If you defeat Mandrakes and catch bald eagles, you can find the materials I have asked for.
Description Because of Mohaban Mercenaries, we can't go around peacefully. The guardsmen have taken off to fight against them, but we can't just rely on them. Besides, Chief Bartolo has asked me deeply... I can't just sit around and wait.

If you can bring me back plant poison and intestines of bald eagle from Mandrakes, I think I can make something that can help our guardsmen.

You will find the bald eagles at the peak around 180m in altitude in the direction of the Dust Wind Field in front of the town!
Reward exp 645918
Reward gold 1G 68S 89C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Elite Seal Stone Elite Seal Stone 1
Rabbini Silver Coin Rabbini Silver Coin 3