Khabimist Battles


Level 32
Start NPC Bloodmoon Camp Mission Board
Finish NPC Bloodmoon Camp Bulletin Board
Location Exarahn Badlands
Mission - cards drive the game bomb acquired 0/5
- blast disease first 0/8
- sniper first 0/8
- curse angel first 0/6
- halo camp mission bulletin get prizes
Description I want all forces to sweep the region surrounding Bloodmoon Camp. Khabimist bombadiers, snipers, and warlocks are moving unchecked, and I won't have that. Kill them and confiscate their bombs for a reward.
Sergeant Stein
Reward exp 100387
Reward gold 17S 26C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Exarahn Coin Exarahn Coin 10