Use Mine


Level 53
Start NPC Ryno
Finish NPC Laitnell <Forest of Lights Guards>
Mission If the mines are working, the Tukan Tribe will be badly damaged.
Description The power of the Tukan Tribe, working together with the Chaos Elves, is getting stronger. Our guards have tried to build a base here, but we've failed every time because of enemy attack. We're just watching the situation, but we can't just leave things as they are now.

The Guards planted mines around the Forest of Lights. If we can get those mines to work, we might be able to cause some damage to our enemies. Go and operate mines at the Forest of Lights.
Reward exp 4592215
Reward gold 3G 49S 78C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
El Dor Emergency Bandage El Dor Emergency Bandage 5
El Dor Stamina Potion El Dor Stamina Potion 2