Clue of the Spell


Level 53
Start NPC Dineh
Finish NPC Dineh
Mission We need the blood of Chaos Elf Mage to lift the curse from the relics.
Description The darkness in this spell... Their evil even reaches this place. I should find a clue to this from the Darkness that has over the forest area and sanctuary...

Please get me the blood of those who follow the dark power around the forest area and the Grimoire of mages at El Drant Sanctuary. I'll look for a way to lift the curse they've put on the relics.
Reward exp 8980333
Reward gold 4G 66S 37C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
El Dor Emergency Bandage El Dor Emergency Bandage 3
El Dor Stamina Potion El Dor Stamina Potion 1