A Collector's Duty


Level 54
Start NPC Million
Finish NPC Jukel <Collector>
Mission Deliver my report and that essence to Jukel at the Forest.
Description I've never forgot my mission, the reason why I've come here as a collector and student of Master Bynder.
The situation, however, is beyond my ability, so I want to ask another collector to carry out my mission... I heard that Jukel came to the Forest just in time, so please give him... this report and essence.

I've written about everything I've done so far in that report. He'll know what to do. That essence... I know he'll also take care of it.
... Now I should take care of myself and try not to be a burden to the other collectors... You should go now...
Reward exp 2050324
Reward gold 1G 46S 64C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Lv. 60 Extractor Lv. 60 Extractor 2