[10 Person] Beginning of Pain


Level 54
Start NPC Agonal Jugrafel
Finish NPC Jagrapel of Pain <Repented Chaos Elf>
Mission You'll need reliable comrades to fight against Chaos Slayer Lenanzest.
Description Even If we killed hundreds of the Chaos Elves that took over the Ancient Elven Ruins, will this war be over?
I don't think so. We'll never get anywhere just dealing with the small fry. It will take too long to finish the war unless we cut our enemy's head off. The head of the occupation troops in the ruins is Lenanzest. His strength and ability must be much greater than mine.

If you ask me to stand against him alone, it's the same as you telling me to burn myself to death.
But you... You're different. I can feel an unapproachable aura from your body and spirit. If you go with reliable comrades... You're surely be able to defeat Slayer Lenanzest.
Reward exp 12123658
Reward gold 6G 25S 92C