[Instant Dungeon] Corrupted Creature


Level 54
Start NPC Tartagon
Finish NPC Tartagon <Light Elf Search Troop>
Location Forgotten Shrine
Mission Collect the Golem Dominion Stone from Golem Ruler and defeat all the Guardian Golems who protect the holy ground.
Description I've witnessed those Guardian Golems surrender to the Chaos Elves at the Forgotten Shrine. They might be strong sentries when they were on our side, but now they're enemies cooperating with the Chaos Elves...
The reason for them switching sides is simpler than I thought. All the actions of the Guardian Golems who protected the holy ground are controlled by Golem Ruler.

The Golem Dominion Stone that he is carrying is an amazing object that can give orders to all the Guardian Golems at once.
In the end, Guardian Golems just obey the orders of Golem Ruler, don't they?
Please collect the Golem Dominion Stone from Golem Ruler... and defeat all the Guardian Golems too.
Reward exp 9294805
Reward gold 4G 69S 25C