[Party] Names on the List


Level 54
Start NPC Surveillant Teburiner
Finish NPC Watcher Tiburiner <Ellora Sanctuary Search Troop>
Mission Go get the list carried by Marauders of Pain at the Ancient Elven Ruins.
Description The superior office is going to investigate the whereabouts of Chaos Elves written in the report to check the truth about Jagrapel. I still think that's not enough, and I've found out something.
Among the Chaos Elves, the Elves of Pain classified as the elite have their own records and information.

I heard that they write about comrades' life or death in this list.
I'm sure there'll be a record about Jagrapel.
If his name is on that list... I'll report to Elgaden right away and request his execution.
Reward exp 10507170
Reward gold 4G 69S 25C