Orders from the King


Level 5
Start NPC Ronfraine III
Finish NPC Master Yulnus
Location Hakanas Highlands
Mission With the aristocracy against you, I must remain impartial in public, but I will swear to you here and now that you have my support, at least in secret. Yulnus will speak to you on my behalf from this point forward.
Description I fear that the nobility of Hakanas has a certain... thirst for blood. When we received word that Lania was taken, they demanded to know who was to blame. They chose to lay that blame at the feet of my daughter's knights.

I maintain utmost faith in both you and Sir Tortus, but I also must keep the faith of the barons and counts of the kingdom. As far as Hakanas is concerned, I must cut all ties from you. But know that I will always be your ally, and I shall work towards the day when I can once again honor you in public.
Reward exp 501
Reward gold 50C
Orders from the King