For the Suffering Son


Level 37
Start NPC Mullec
Finish NPC Lisender
Location Tritael Rift
Mission Brighthorn Drakes rarely shed tears, so it may take some time.
Description Do you know Lisender of the Pegasus Knights? He's my son, and honestly he's having a hard time getting used to this place. I want to give him some sort of gift... Perhaps gems from the brighthorn drakes will do!

We were once prohibited from hunting brighthorns, but now that they've fallen prey to Zelnaris's energy it is our duty to cull them. The tears of these creatures are pure crystal. Could you gather some for me and take them to my son?

The brighthorn drakes live between 550 and 580 meters up. Have patience, because the gems do not appear often. Good luck.
Reward exp 355378
Reward gold 17S 68C