A Farmer's Regret


Level 15
Start NPC Farmer Matthew
Finish NPC Farmer Matthew
Location Hakanas Highlands
Mission Those monsters didn't exactly give us time to pack a lunch...
Description This is a disaster. We sent most of our harvest back to the capital before the vampires came. We just don't have anything saved for ourselves...

Could you help us? Could you get us some of our food back?
Reward exp 8883
Reward gold 3S 48C
A Farmer's Regret

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Cornflower Tea Cornflower Tea 5 Berserker
Cornflower Tea Cornflower Tea 5 Ranger
Cornflower Tea Cornflower Tea 5 Assassin
Reindeer Roast Reindeer Roast 5