Suspicious Movement


Level 53
Start NPC Karnan
Finish NPC Forest of Lights Guard Karnan
Mission I want you to search around the Ancient Forest, please.
Description The Relic Excavation Team saw the Chaos Elves near here with a suspicious box. They think that the Chaos Elves stole the light relic, so they came here to investigate.
There are guards and patrols all over the sanctuary, but the Ancient Forest is still pretty dangerous...

We set up a small camp here to protect them. We're surrounded by all sorts of dangers here, so we can't ignore them. So please, if you find anything suspicious around here, bring it to me.
Reward exp 6507487
Reward gold 1G 74S 89C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Ravager Necklace Ravager Necklace 1