Gold Ore Retrieval


Level 40
Start NPC Madras
Finish NPC Mineral Merchant Chantra
Location Cloying Wastes
Mission It'll be hard because of the mercenaries guarding the wagon... But since you're strong, it'll be easy, right?
Description Oh my lord... I've spent so much money on this!
Wait, you don't look like a guard. I'll compensate you well, so could you please withdraw the gold ore for me?
Guards only take care of the mercenaries, but they never care about gold ore. Think about how much gold ore in the mine wagon is worth!

At this rate, I'll have to make up for all the loss as the one in charge. I might even die! Please withdraw all the gold ore in the wagon and deliver them to the merchant at Tear of Oasis!
Reward exp 760486
Reward gold 54S 28C