[Familiar] Familiar Research in the Breach


Level 39
Start NPC Beredout
Finish NPC Beredot <Collector Coin Dealer>
Location Tritael Rift
Mission You get the familiars, and I'll deal with the rest.
Description We've been trying to gather seal stones for all the familiars of the Breach, but that place is so trecherous that we're not making much progress. Perhaps you can help?

(As soon as he finishes talking, he hands you a list.)

-Galadoku's Seal Stone: 180-190m Altitude
-Blade's Seal Stone: 350-400m Altitude
-Keeshar's Seal Stone: 610-670m Altitude

These are the lists of familiars needed for the research. Please collect each familiar's seal stone and bring them all back to me. I will give you a reasonable reward, of course.
Reward exp 316302
Reward gold 17S 94C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Collector's Coin Collector's Coin 2