Griffon’s Problem


Level 43
Start NPC Yahru
Finish NPC Advisor Yahur
Location Cloying Wastes
Mission How could they kill their own kind? It is so brutal.
It hurts my soul, and all mutant griffons must be eliminated to end this.
Description You've went to get eggs from Shakiba's nest all by yourself? I'm impressed. Actually, I have a favor to ask you. Could you help me with something?
Recently, there have been mutant griffons in Golden Peak.

Their shiny golden feathers became hard scales and turned into grotesque appearance. Those griffons have brutally killed griffons of their own kind.

It hurts my soul, and I can't let this continue. Please eliminate all the mutant griffons.
They will be around Golden Peak, 300m altitude. I'm counting on you.
Reward exp 1075426
Reward gold 60S 33C