To Haracrow Temple


Level 47
Start NPC Turokhan
Finish NPC Prophet Chimer
Location Cloying Wastes
Mission Chimer will prophesize the future of the princess. She might be able to remove the darkness in Hakanas...
Description This is the staff of prophet Chimer. I came to Cloying Wastes because of her prophecy. But why does Matilda have this staff? I think she must be in danger!

Go to Haracrow Temple, where the light is pointing to! That place is also invaded by corrupted Crokhoons. If you go there, I think we won't have much to worry about yet.

I also can't let things be like this. We will end all preparation after seeing Kengriff with Griffon knights captain. Hurry!
Reward exp 969362
Reward gold 23S 98C