Materials needed for bomb manufacturing


Level 48
Start NPC Mohrune
Finish NPC Crokhoon Master Craftsman Mohrune
Location Cloying Wastes
Mission Slice the pelicans' stomach or whatever you need to get them all back!
Description This is the blueprint! Chimer has really done it! You can now leave the blueprint to me and please take care of something else.
Fortress of Sorrows is where the Fallen Legion is using as a camp!
It'll be dangerous to just go there without any preparation.

So I was thinking of making bombs, but I accidentally dropped the required parts by accident!
But desert beach pelicans just swallowed the parts in a blink of an eye!
I really need you to go and get those back for me. It will be very important when entering the fortress. Hurry!
Reward exp 2659459
Reward gold 77S 37C