Silencing Scroll


Level 21
Start NPC Watson
Finish NPC Watson
Location Sea of Hakanas
Mission I don't care how you get the essence. Just get it.
Description If you help me with my research, I'll help you tame Lynic. I'm studying the sea's ecosystem. I think oceanlight essence is the key to understanding everything, but the aguls and merumi of Rainbow Reef are hoarding them, along with the striped seawings flying over the Beryl Archipelago.

Return with the essence and you'll have my aid. The foes at Rainbow Reef are fairly tough. You could try your hand at the less formidable seawings, but they're less likely to have oceanlight essence on them.
Reward exp 82253
Reward gold 19S 20C
Silencing Scroll

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Silent Tome Recipe Silent Tome Recipe 1