[Cooking] Lightly Salty Sip


Level 39
Start NPC Teru
Finish NPC Teru
Location Cloying Wastes
Mission Bring back salt, tender roast I, and polished average container. I will make you a great dish!
Description There used to be a salt field here in the Cloying Wastes. But no one is interested after valuable resources like the Oreum Ore and gold mines were discovered.

But the cuisine I want to try requires several ingredients. Please gather Salt and Tender Roast I, and a Polished Average Container to store them. What I'm going to cook is... Hehe... A secret.

I've heard that Mohaban Mercenaries spies have the salt bottle. Do you mind getting me some salt?
Tender roast I can be obtained with level 5 cooking skill, but if you already have one, that's fine too!
As for the polished average container, I heard that ingredient pantry sells them.
Reward exp 167883
Reward gold 23S 92C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Light Meat Light Meat 10