[Party] God of Massacre


Level 47
Start NPC Bation
Finish NPC Bateon <Chief Griffon Knight>
Location Cloying Wastes
Mission Enter the temple underground and eliminate Slayer Zenon to stop Red Revolutionaries evil doings.
Description Have you heard of the Red Revolutionaries derived from Akrat Plains, the far north of the desert? Red Revolutionaries that are against Hakanas Kingdom have joined forced with Desert Crokhoons. We've heard from the Only Order that Crokhoons helped Mohaban Mercenaries dominate the desert and invade Alseik.

Slayer Zenon that is underground of Haracrwo Temple is behind Mohaban Mercenaries and trying to isolate Golden Peak. We must kill Slayer Zenon and put an end to their evil doings.
Reward exp 731821
Reward gold 41S 57C