Ruler of the Reef


Level 21
Start NPC Jennifer
Finish NPC Jennifer
Location Sea of Hakanas
Mission He must pay.
Description My friends and I fell into the sea during a raider attack. If we hadn't drifted to this reef, we'd have died then and there. We thought we made it, but then a merumi calling himself Soriphen showed up and killed all of my friends! And now he wants me to marry him!

How can he expect me to marry him after what he's done? His men are watching me, and when they figure out I'll never say yes, they'll kill me too. Please, kill Soriphen and avenge my friends!
Reward exp 40222
Reward gold 8S 45C
Ruler of the Reef

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Thin Felt Bandages Thin Felt Bandages 5