[Familiar][10 Person] Broken Piece


Level 52
Start NPC Rumian
Finish NPC Rumian <Collector Screening Test Supervisor>
Mission Go get the Goddess Teardrop Crystal from Kar Roxanne in El Canin Island.
Description Recently I've found a broken disc at the canyon.
That disc contains incredible magic, but it was broken for some reason.
... Judging from the shape of this disc, it's the legendary mythical beast Torkai's Elbring that the Goddess has made. According to the legend, the power of the Elbring originates from the Goddess teardrop.

... Coincidentally, one of the Goddess Teardrop Crystals is in the hands of Kar Roxanne in El Canin Island.
Can you get the Goddess Teardrop Crystal from Kar Roxanne in El Cannin Island at the far east of El Dor Town?
If you get that, I'll imbue its power into this disc and give it back to you. No matter how strong our relics might be, Torkai is too powerful for our collectors to tame. But I think you can do it with a little help.
Reward exp 6569621
Reward gold 4G 25S 24C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Elbring's Fragment Elbring's Fragment 1
Familiar Orb Familiar Orb 10