[Familiar] Magnificent Strength


Level 54
Start NPC Jukel
Finish NPC Jukel <Collector>
Location Forgotten Shrine
Mission Get materials I've told you about. I'll be waiting for you.
Description Among the mythical beasts in the sanctuary, a giant bear called Zaminus was so loyal that he volunteered to be a guardian of the Goddess. But now he is taking orders from the Chaos Elves for some reason.
I sought advice to the Recovering Eldrasil about this, and Eldrasil said that Zaminus's mind was swallowed by chaos. We can fix this with a mark that imbued with the energy of bear.

Bach near the Capital, Trutan and Natan in the Highland, and Uru in Parna's Coast. A seal stone containing these 4 bears' strength could recover Zaminus's mind.
And a magic stone called Primitive Power, held by each head of the Chaos Elves that took over the Forgotten Shrine, is the power that is directly controlling Zaminus's mind. We better collect them too.
Reward exp 10896325
Reward gold 5G 47S 46C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Bear Spirit Bear Spirit 1
Familiar Orb Familiar Orb 10