[Familiar][10 Person] Magical Relic


Level 54
Start NPC Jukel
Finish NPC Jukel <Collector>
Mission Go get Goddess Teardrop Crystal from Lenanzest at the Ancient Elven Ruins.
Description Million's plan to control the Torkai was respectable, but sadly there's one thing he didn't know. Do you know what is the source of Torkai's strength? It's a disc called the Elbring.
According to legend, the Elbring is made from the Goddess Teardrop Crystal. Recently, Chaos Slayer Lenanzest, who took over Ancient Elven Ruins, has found a shining gemstone... That's none other than the Goddess Teardrop Crystal.

Can you get the Goddess Teardrop Crystal from Lenanzest, who took over the Ancient Elven Ruins at the far northwest of Eleeno Forest?
If you get that, I'll imbue its power into an essence that Million found, and give it back to you. We must finish the mission that Million started.
Reward exp 8505050
Reward gold 5G 47S 46C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Elbring's Essence Elbring's Essence 1
Familiar Orb Familiar Orb 10